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Portraits of Geronimo taken at the Exposition are shown above.

An important part of the 1898 Exposition was the Indian Congress.

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The sham battles were put on at the urging of a non-Indian fraternal group known as the Improved Order of Red Men.

The sham battles were, of course, always won by the dominant non-Indians (or, presumably, the more civilized Indian tribe).

While most of the Indians were from Plains tribes which utilized the tipi, the Indian Congress did include Indians from other areas and other forms of Indian architecture were exhibited.

The Wichita, for example, constructed a grass house.

Indians were, of course, a part of this story, though usually seen as hindrances to development. One of the participants in the Exposition was the Apache leader Geronimo.

Following this exhibition, he became a frequent visitor to fairs, exhibitions, and other public functions.

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According to the promoters, the Indian Congress allowed a social and cultural exchange among the participating tribes.

The Congress was actually a large encampment in which numerous tribes had set up their lodges.

From the Southwest, a delegation of 20 men from Santa Clara pueblo attended.


  1. Domitian's favorite activities were recreational sex, throwing dice, taking walks, and stabbing flies with a pen (which he spent hours doing at the beginning of his reign).

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