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The last line points out this song is for all the heroes and All-American Kids that did not come home. This would inspire Don Mc Lean to write and record the song American Pie - song #44 on this list, This song tells the story of a deceased soldier, his honor and sacrifice to and for his country.Authors Note --As Buddy Holly's base player Waylon Jennings escaped death in 1959 when he gave up his seat on an airplane chartered by Buddy Holly. It is a song of the service person in the "War on Terror" and the spirit of the American servicemen and woman. While it was among the first 14 national cemeteries established, as such it did not accept service men until 1864 whereas, Fort Scott, Kansas had done so shortly after 1842 on land outside of the fort.

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Veterans Day, Thanksgiving any national celebration, military homecoming, political function or patriotic party.

A mix-tape for all parties related to patriotism can be made from this list. The songs also reflect the conflicts the USA has faced both foreign and domestic and thus define the Spirit of America.

It is a God and Country tune of some controversy Supporters of prayer in schools and believers in a strong tie between religion and patriotism felt that the song had been banned from radio by "Political Correctness" zealots.

Radio station program directors and station managers have a great deal of latitude within their format to decide what is or is not played.

These songs embrace America's vast natural beauty, heroic human endeavors, the ongoing conflict and melding of ideas, and the unyielding spirit of the American people.

This list is for the person who is interested in patriotic songs.

Confederate, White Union, Black Union and Indian Union soldiers are buried there. This song is the tale of a father, Paul Monti, coping with his son's loss by driving the son's truck.

This is a song telling the story of a veteran on the "War on Terror" coming home and facing challenges re-acclimating to American society, but could be applied to any veteran returning from a combat zone in any conflict. A." is repeated many times in reference to her man and their love being made in the U. Paul's son, Jared, earned the Congressional Medal of Honor giving his life in an attempt to save a fellow soldier In Afghanistan.

You will find Patriotic Rock songs, Folk, Soul, Country, Disco/Dance, Traditional Standard songs, the Top Military songs and Marches.


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