Android google calendar widget not updating

On to the other changes…Historic chats can now appear in messaging notifications, like i OS’s interactive Messages alerts.All of the new features for notifications in Android Oreo can be managed through the Settings app or simply long-tap an alert to adjust its features inline. (1046) -Added notification icons for quicker dismiss\snooze of events.

For starters, notifications can now be snoozed and apps can remove a snoozed notification without it reappearing.

Android’s all-new notification dots, which have similar functionality like app badges on i OS, make it easier to see which apps have new content to display.

Released as a developer-only preview at Google’s annual conference back in March, the latest version of the Android operating system for smartphones, tablets and watches—officially called Android 8.0 Oreo—is now available through the Android Open Source Project.

Faster navigation throughout the operating system itself and within your favorite apps is now a reality with arrow and tab-based keyboard navigation support in Android Oreo.

As for the under-the-hood changes in Android Oreo, there are new APIs for autofillers, multi-processes, low-latency audio and system-level integration with Vo IP apps.

Google Safe Browsing is now supported in apps’ web views.And what is your favorite new feature in Android Oreo? If you're visiting this page on your PC, click the Android Market link above, or visit from your Android device. -When database is locked, Month View Widget shows in white.Fonts are now a fully supported resource type in Android.Support for multi-display configurations has been implemented as well.Android Oreo further improves battery life by imposing new automatic limits on what apps are permitted to do while they’re in the background.“As a starting point, we’re allowing background apps to receive location updates only a few times each hour,” Google says.


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