greg bryk dating - Are angelina love and crimson dating

"It just tears me apart inside every day, and he doesn't deserve this from me.

When Tyler was born, he and Crimson have become inseparable, and I'm afraid that this secret will ruin everything.

She tweeted that she was back home and missing her ‘better half’ Crimson.

I-I can't picture my life without him, I love him so much."Back onstage..."Now were you two together when you conceived him? We didn't necessarily split up, but we decided that we needed a little time away from one another to cool off, and at that time, I stayed over at my ex-boyfriend's house, and there, we ended up sleeping together." the platinum blonde explained."How many times did you sleep with this ex-boyfriend of yours? "I felt so guilty back then, and I've felt even worse ever since.""So how does Tyler magnify this whole situation?

" he asked."Oh, by 1000x, because Crimson has been there for him ever since day one.

TNA Knockout Angelina Love is apparently now dating TNA star Crimson.

Love just returned from India after finishing up the most recent Ring Ka King tapings.

Birth Name: Lauren Williams Born: September 13, 1981 (age 36) in Toronto, Canada Height & Weight: 5 ft 6 in, 118 lbs.

Angelina Love and Crimson have gone public with their real-life relationship.

"She shook her head and repeated, "I am so sorry, baby..."Maury stepped in. The Superstar looked at his fiancée and replied, "So what? I love her to death."Angelina cried even harder at this. " she sniffled, wrapping him in a hug as he did the same."AWWW!

"We can find out, if you want a paternity test, we'll be glad to do that."Crimson was still shocked beyond belief at what he'd just heard, but then nodded and replied, "Yeah, of course. " the crowd exclaimed."Now, before we come to any rash decisions, let's find out, okay? Backstage, the two were embraced in a hug while she kept uttering, "I'm sorry, babe, I'm so, so sorry...

He was there at the hospital when he was born, he's just been there through everything." she sniffled."And he's been a loving father, caretaker-""The BEST father that my son could ever ask for." she finished, as the audience cheered and applauded.


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