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You can use this auto scroll feature as many times as necessary to find the Tweet you want.Twitter lets you see 3200 of the most recent Tweets.

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It is also useful for posting alerts to your Twitter feed automatically whenever you update your website or blog. Type your Twitter update in the "Tweet content:" text input box and then enter the date and time you want it to be displayed on Twitter in the "Publish date" box.

Click the "schedule" button to add this update to the "Scheduled tweets" list on the bottom of the page. Click "Schedule a new tweet" from the "Tweets" drop-down menu at the top of the page.

In the past, Twitter would only show a certain amount of Tweets at a time, which required you to continuously click the "More" button to continue loading entries.

You no longer need to do this because Twitter lets you auto scroll in your timeline, profile or someone else's profile.

Twitter is, imho, the most powerful social media tool for content syndication.

If you want to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible, Twitter is a tool that can help you achieve the goal.Continue adding updates to the scheduled tweets list.These are all displayed automatically on Twitter according to the dates and times that you have specified. Click "do that first" and then enter an email or username as well as password.This microblogging service is all the rage on the social mediascape and you can dig into it’s awesome power to promote your newspaper’s online content in fewer than 20 minutes!(I know I said 9 minutes in the headline, but for people that need to create an Open ID account, it might take a little more time).It can, however, be time-consuming to log in multiple times a day to compose the tweets for your Twitter followers.


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