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The elk restoration project calls for elk to be released in a 670,000 acre restoration zone located in Scott, Morgan, Campbell, Anderson and Claiborne counties, with the center of the zone being the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.

At some future time (and after evaluation of this initial restoration effort), the agency may evaluate the feasibility of restoration in other areas. An observation tower has been constructed on Hatfield Knob at the Sundquist Unit of the North Cumberland WMA.

However, no specific plans exist at this time to restore elk in other areas. Will elk bring diseases to other Tennessee wildlife or to domestic livestock and pets?

In western areas elk are very mobile mostly in response to availability of suitable habitat which may be influenced by weather conditions.

In the eastern states that have elk, elk movements have been a lot less than that seen in western states.

Michigan, for example, has an elk herd of 1300-1500 elk that are maintained on 512,000 acres.

Will elk be considered for release in other areas of the state?

There is no one specific reason that accounts for the demise of elk in Tennessee.

What was the cause of the demise of the elk population in Tennessee?

It is almost assured that many of the mature cows were also pregnant upon release.


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