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I’ve been lucky enough to be in love twice in my life with long-term relationships, so I would hope that isn’t it for me."Tregobov would like to hear from men interested in meeting her growing list of women clients.They can contact her at 204-888-1529 or "I just did the happy dance when an 85-year-old man joined (Camelot), because I have a lineup of amazing women waiting for him to choose from," Tregobov said.

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Once the virus is in your body, it is there forever.

This site has been created to make it easier for people who are awake and aware to find each other. Please give us feedback for ways to improve the site and to solve any problems.

Lianne Tregobov is on a manhunt, but she’s a love agent in a desperate search for good guys, not fugitives.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the matchmaker of Camelot Introductions says there is a lineup of "incredible women" waiting to meet single men, providing they fit a profile."There is an amazing shortage of single men in Winnipeg," Tregobov said. We want to talk to you."Women are often more discerning than men, who put too much stock in online dating profile photos, Tregobov said."Amazing women will come to me and hire me to be their love agent," she said.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the U. about 1 in 6 people aged 14 to 49 have genital herpes.

Many people unknowingly pass on the condition, because they don't know they have it.

She said: 'I would not be opposed to be matched with a man that had stated they have (herpes) because just as many men who don't state they have it, have it.'Sherry, who does not have genital herpes, has relatives and a close friend who have been diagnosed with the condition.'I feel our society has gotten over-prejudiced about this.

They treat it like Aids, they do awful commercials about it..if you were passing the plague,' she said.

"Unless you wear a sign on your shirt saying you’re single, people don’t talk about it."Delaine opted to enlist Tregobov’s help after a friend of her sister’s had success with Camelot."I think of myself as a younger 45," Delaine said.


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