Cannot reintegrate into mixed revision working copy try updating first

Keep in mind that even if your server is running 1.5-1.7, you can still use a 1.8 client.

In more common speak, a changeset is just a patch with a name you can refer to.

In Subversion, a global revision number Continuing with our running example, let's suppose that a week has passed since you started working on your private branch.

Your new feature isn't finished yet, but at the same time you know that other people on your team continue to make important changes in the project's merge is simply one in which you provide the bare minimum of information required for a merge (i.e.

a single merge source and a working copy target) and let Subversion determine which changes need merging—no changesets are passed to $ pwd /home/user/my-calc-branch $ svn merge ^/calc/trunk --- Merging r341 through r351 into '.': U doc/INSTALL U src/real.c U src/button.c U Makefile --- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r341 through r351 into '.': U .

For our purposes, let's say that a changeset is just a collection of changes with a unique name.

The changes might include textual edits to file contents, modifications to tree structure, or tweaks to metadata.

I've tried using --force, but that seems to work once, but subsequently the merge will still fail with the same error.

I've resorted to explicitly updating my external to the same revision as the rest of the WC before merge proceeds.

If you've been keeping good records of your merges in the commit log messages, you should be able to determine what that youngest revision was by reading the revision logs associated with your branch. ___________________________________________________________________ Added: svn:mergeinfo Merged /calc/trunk:r341-351 $ svn commit -m "Sync latest trunk changes to my-calc-branch." Sending .

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