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“He’s probably homeless,” I thought, moving on into the building.As the students filed into class, I winced as I saw “Homeless” take a seat and pull a notebook out of his bag. “He’ll probably need remedial training; I bet he can’t string two sentences together.” The man didn’t say a word during that first class.He was dirty, missing most of his front teeth, and he didn’t look too bright.

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Christian daily devotions for dating couples

This is one of the best devotionals for couples looking to be more intimate with God and themselves.

😉 Spending quality time with your spouse is vital to the success of your marriage.

Keeping the marriage fire alive is not always an easy task to accomplish.

For some, the longer you stay longer in the relationship, the more challenging it becomes.

I remember a time I made a hasty conclusion and was proved wrong.

I was teaching a writing course for a local university, and on the first night, I strolled up the front sidewalk and noticed a man sitting on the bench outside, smoking a cigarette.

People tell us how much they love this, or love that, or even love each other...

but what does love really mean, or should we say, what is love?

Bring the excitement back into your marriage by committing to follow the 52 weekly dares included in this devotional.

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