Sexy chat with real people - Dating a young bald guy

So if anything looking that age could actually help, and if it stands out more to girls who want a more mature guy or something more real even better.I'm 32 and i am slowly starting to have a friar tuck. I knew a guy who went grey on part of his hair at 17 ... women tend to care less about a guy's looks than we care about theirs.

My hope is those guys are guys who relied on their own hair and looks too much and the successful bald guys are too busy living than writing on some hairloss forum.

Also I do keep myself busy but more with one big activity; I'm being trained as a skydiver, already have a basic license, and am being trained to take people on tandem jumps, once I get my intermediates I'll be one of the youngest in my state so I do have that going for me.

But, if you're comfortable with yourself and have the confidence to believe that you could get any woman you want, you'll attract more women than not.

So instead of worrying about your hair, start working on your self esteem and confidence.

The lower confidence was a big factor for both the first two.

How much % struggles you can say was due to being premature bald and how much % was due to the hit their self confidence I cant say.What bugs me is I can see the weight deal, I'm not attracted to big women either-I go to a gym and take care of my body so besides people with disorders you can do things about your weight, but with hair treatment truthfully had about 50% success rates and affects hormones etc basically we haven't got an actual treatment and I worry this will make me undateable to the vast majority, think it is a general unattractive trait to most? But in all honesty man, what they respond to more is confidence.If you're insecure about it, your body language and how you act will turn women off regardless of how you look.But I have one concern, young women, and how they will view it.I am told I look about 21-22 so it didn't really age me at all but I still can't imagine a girl having options picking the guy with no hair.Lost hair and get none now, that really kills me, and even my own mother told me I should consider any girl a dating prospect now that I'm bald and that was a huge insult. at that age your shaving your head [a la Vin Diesel] makes you look older without actually being older.


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  2. When you feel sexually attractive, you appear that way to other people - this is the law of attraction.

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