Dating after being best friends

I’ve done this a few times, but there were circumstances. Sometimes he calls me for relationship advice and I have no problem talking him through rough times. I think that sort of thing takes time, and both parties have to have moved on.

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Yes, its possible, but it will probably never be the same.

I’ve dated a really close friend before, and the reasons for our breakup didn’t involve bad feelings for each other.

Your focus should be on the new man in your life and not your ex. Friendship can evolve from mutual respect and admiration, regardless of the sexualy history, which is what we’re really talking about here, right?

That could be why they do not last long to begin with.

It’s never the same, but yes, it’s possible to have a friendship again…even if things are different from how they used to be.

To be friends with an ex, you first must give them ample time after the breakup to process their feelings, that means don’t have contact for a while..also, you have to make sure neither party is holding a torch for the other, and has no jealousy when it comes to dating other people.

@Chaz Maz: Actually, I’ve never had a relationship that was that short term.

My point was simply that I would prefer to keep a long-lasting tested relationship (and even a friendship is still a relationship) than ruin it for someone I just met—regardless of how long I hope to know them.

It’s harder to build a friendship from scratch with an ex rather than using the memory of your past friendship, knowing that’s what you want to go “back to.” All my other exes I’m still friends with. (Also if your partner is being controlling enough to say who you can and cannot talk to/hang with, well, that’s a big red flag.) I think what people seem to always try to forget is, other than a sexual relationship with the person you do have a friendship with them. But a relationship, the one where you both “bond as one”, goes beyond friendship. I have never successfully retained friendship with someone I dated.

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