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is a faith-based non profit organization that empowers women veterans in the 8 dimensions of wellness.

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From a well-constructed resume, winning interview tactics and understanding the language, currency and the culture of their new civilian workplace.

And from regular, biweekly, woman veteran-to-woman veteran peer support that is so important to keep going on.

We Support women veterans by educating them about gender-specific benefits available, helping them to receive the benefits to which they are entitled and by connecting them to community resources whom are able to assist in providing those benefits.

Every day, women in the military proudly serve our country, but when they return home they often do not receive the recognition, benefits, or services they have earned.

Our members are the world's outstanding leaders, including: military officers, astronauts, pilots, combat leaders, ship commanding officers, business executives, diplomats, civic leaders, entrepreneurs and homemakers.

Our members are the pioneers who bravely sought military training and now represent a new and outstanding paradigm of leadership.

They can contribute to the community by providing volunteer services, or write letters that accompany care packages to active military personnel stationed overseas.

In giving to those who give of themselves, Makeovers That Matter continues the cycle of entrepreneurship and empowerment.

is to ensure that women veterans are made aware and have access and information regarding their VA benefits and entitlements including current or pending legislation that impacts VA benefits.


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