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While Atlanta may be a hotbed for polyamorous people, there is not a well-organized community as can be seen in cities like San Francisco or Seattle.“For the life of me I can’t figure out why, especially because Atlanta is such a magnet for other sexual minorities. There is a well-established gay and lesbian community and a burgeoning transgender community,” she said.

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Sheff remembers asking a gay friend who was in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend but who also had outside lovers why he didn’t consider himself poly.

He told her,“We don’t need another label for something we’re already doing.”Sheff, who identifies as bisexual, said it’s important to note that no two polyamorous relationships are alike.

“He reassures me he loves me no matter what.”For Aaron, Gates is an example of unconditional love.“I love so much about him.

For those who are interested in interracial dating in Atlanta it isn’t always easy finding good places to meet people of other races.

When they decided to commit to each other, they discussed monogamy and decided they would be exclusive to each other.“We met on Twitter,” said Aaron, who blogs at Living Out Loud with Darian.

“First we flirted publicly, then we started doing it in private.”Their first date was for ice cream at Rita’s in Midtown and the couple is set to move in together in the fall.“We did discuss monogamy and we both decided this early on we wanted to be with each other exclusively. I believe there has to be a level of trust between two parties before that can happen,” said Aaron.He also wants to prove to the world that two black gay men can be in a loving relationship, something he says is not visible in society.“I want to break the stereotype.Me and Darian are an example that you can find two black gay men in love and that it’s a wonderful thing,” Gates said.The event includes speakers, workshops and time to socialize.Atlanta Poly Weekend March 25-27Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Airport1325 Virginia Ave. Elizabeth Sheff, an assistant professor at Georgia State University.Jeremy lives in Alabama and visits Holder on the weekends and holidays.

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