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One of the biggest challenges for a wealthy man is to keep a young lady in a serious long-term relationship.

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Dating men money marriage

But let’s be real, what ethnic group of men can we not say that about?

Just like anybody else there are the good and the bad. But I also know Jamaican men, both inside and outside of my family, who treat their partners like queens.

Before we get down to the nitty, gritty can we just agree that not all Jamaican men, or all men in general for that matter, are the same.

Just as soon as you think you have a group of people pegged, that’s when someone will flip it on you.

In fact, couples fight about money twice as much as they fight about sex, according to a "Money Magazine" survey.

And the challenges can actually start even before you say "I do." Sometimes, when each spouse works and they can't agree on financial issues, they decide to split the bills down the middle or allocate them out in some other fair and equitable manner.Do I know Jamaican men who have treated their women with little to no respect? They’ve sacrificed to make life better for their wives and their children.How a man treats a woman has very little to do with his country of origin and more about how he was taught to treat women by the men and even women who raised him.Up-to-date software was installed recently, which makes this dating site stand out from many others.Not least due to its quick and friendly customer support.A beautiful young woman cannot be compared to a fancy new car that doesn't need much love and care, quite the opposite.


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