Dating remus lupin

Harry was told that "foreign affairs" were mostly handled from the Foreign Ministry under the Lord Mayor, but as Duke he might be expected to make State visits from time to time - although not anytime soon.A loud fanfare played and the crowed grew relatively silent.if you want, but I'll tell his love story here: Nymphadora Tonks first came into Remus's life when he rejoined the Order of the Phoenix in 1995.

He began volunteering for the more dangerous missions, barely talking to her or even looking at her.

Tonks became unhappy that the man she loved was ignoring her and the only person that she confessed the truth to was Molly Weasley, who consoled her.

Lord Charles' son, James Charles Potter had left these lands and tragically was felled along with his wife and my friend Lily on October 31st, 1981.

The irony of this date is not lost on us, for it is the date when, in 1217, the Duchy became independent from the rest of Greater Britain.

He also happens to be queer, which is enough to gain Sirius's interest.

What Sirius never realised that dating Remus Lupin wasn't quite as easy as it looked.The carriages stopped and Elves in Potter Robes came forward to act as footman and help the party from the carriages.Harry, it turned out, was the last to step down and he followed the others up the steps to where the dignitaries waited.From what Remus told Harry earlier, he knew the Investiture was about to begin."Good people of Charenwell," Remus spoke in a significantly and probably magically amplified voice, "as Lord Mayor of the Duchy of Charenwell, and pursuant to our Charter of 1217, it is my honor and duty to confer this realm to its new and rightful Sovereign!"Lord Charles V, Twenty-Sixth Duke of Charenwell served his realm and people faithfully and with honor from his investiture on December 15th, 1979 until his tragic and untimely passing from our company on August 23rd, 1988.It was this conclusion that drove him to lie to Tonks about his feelings and stay away from her as much as possible, though he still secretly rejoiced when he was paired together with her on a mission.

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