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A batterer systematically uses threats, intimidation, and coercion to instill fear in his partner. Physical and sexual violence holds it all together - this violence is the rim of the wheel.

Identifying Abusers/Warning Signs: They can be your boss, next door neighbor, uncle, bother, husband, co-worker.

Community Partners The South Shore Women's Resource Center works with our community partners to educate people about domestic violence, in addition to preventing its occurrence in the first place.

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Over several months, we convened focus groups of women who had been battered.

We listened to heart-wrenching stories of violence, terror and survival.

After listening to these stories and asking questions, we documented the most common abusive behaviors or tactics that were used against these women.

The tactics chosen for the wheel were those that were most universally experienced by battered women. Battering is one form of domestic or intimate partner violence.

We are a nonprofit, community-based domestic violence program that has been assisting victims of domestic violence and their families for more than 30 years. Our focus is to create a welcoming environment where victims can feel safe to make empowering choices in their lives.

SHARES (Surviving Homicide's Aftermath: Resources, Education, Support) provides free, confidential services to family and friends of murdered individuals, people who have been victims of terrorism, or victims of vehicular homicide in Plymouth and Bristol counties.Children living in environments where there is domestic violence are more likely to be abused and/or neglected.Effects on Children: Even though your child may not be in the room when abuse occurs, she/he has been impacted.In 1984, staff at the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (DAIP) began developing curricula for groups for men who batter and victims of domestic violence.We wanted a way to describe battering for victims, offenders, practitioners in the criminal justice system and the general public.It is characterized by the pattern of actions that an individual uses to intentionally control or dominate his intimate partner.

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