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Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory, anything on History or the Science Channels. Favorite non-Alcoholic drink: Sweet Tea, Earl Grey Tea, and coffee! "Ana tours the playroom & refuses to consider Christian's 'indecent proposal'. Christian feels she has bewitched him & he can't resist her pull.

Favorite Movies: Gone With The Wind, Citizen Kane, It Happened One Night, Casablanca, In Harms' Way, any John Wayne western, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, South Pacific, Oklahoma, Love Actually, and Grease. My Secret guilty pleasure: Shoes, boots, and more shoes!!!! It is more than just a's from a bean so therefore it is a vegetable, it is processed with milk, so one gets some dairy. Will he win Ana's heart, especially when an ex sub comes for the ultimate revenge -exposing his lifestyle to the world?

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What happens when Kate takes ill is unable to attend the meeting that could put Elite on the map? Cheating Story (kind of) AU/OOC/HEAChristian is alone and his grumpy self.

It is two weeks before Christmas when Christian hears Andrea talking about donating to a Go Fund Me page of a single mom that has lost everything in a house fire.

I stick close to the story and characters EL James created, but take liberties with situations and dialogue. I just love getting into the mind of Grey and making him fun. AU/HEA/NO CHEATING/DRAMAStuck in an unhappy marriage, Christian Grey wants nothing more than to distract himself from all thoughts of said marriage.

Anastasia Steele is the co-owner of a staffing company Elite Staffing – her partner Kate Kavanaugh has procured a pitch meeting with one of Seattle's most prominent businessmen. But what happens when the one person who could give him the much needed distraction rejects him?

It just takes time to get what I have in my head typed and uploaded. I do appreciate all the prayers and well-wishes from the FF community and I thank you all.

I am still recovery from that pesky little aneurysm so I cannot guarantee weekly updates, but I am writing again.

On the way from Her fathers, she picks up two strangers from the side of the road.

Her life will never be the same **Characters based on EL James Fifty Shades Trilogy and belong to her and her only. Ana opts for a different way to make Christian believe that he can love and be loved in return.

Favorite Books: Gone With The Wind, Fifty Shades of Grey Series, Crossfire Series, any Shakespeare, and many many Fanfiction Stories. If you need to know anymore about me and my insanity, please do not hesitate to send an email.

Favorite Music: Country and Classic Rock, I also enjoy classical music. Thanks for reading and in the words of our favorite bad boys from Seattle (Elliot and Christian) "Later's Baby!

Come along for a twist to the original FSOG that will surprise and satisfy you!

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