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Former Liverpool player John, 54, admitted he felt daunted' at the prospect of entering a mansion full of 'scary women', while comic Daniel O'Reilly bragged that he's being 'paid loads of money' to appear in the 21st series.The distinguished duo threatened to be upstaged by Ru Paul's Drag Race star Courtney, however, who spectacularly flashed the entire nation when her pink sequin skirt slipped off in a jaw-dropping wardrobe malfunction. (From left) Football legend John Barnes and disgraced comedian Dapper Laughs joined drag queen Courtney Act in leading the explosive male arrivals into the all-female Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday night Sporting legend John, who was the first man to go into the house, joked with the contestants 'Please ladies, be kind to me' as he strutted into the famous Borehamwood mansion.And continuing with his raunchy antics, Brady said of feminism: 'Feminism means women should spoon men.

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He told host Emma Willis before his entrance: 'The women are a little bit scary. Their controversial addition comes as Celebrity Big Brother launched its 21st series with an all-female house in a show first to celebrate 100 years since women were given the right to vote.

I like strong women, my wife and four daughters are too. 'It's a bit like watching Braveheart and then an Englishman walking in. Meanwhile, Love Island star Jonny Mitchell, 26, shocked viewers as he claimed feminism has 'gone too far.' Jonny, He said: 'In certain situations, potentially it has gone too far.

What a lot of you will know me for is being that rape joke comedian. The 35-year-old - whose real name is Shane Gilberto Jeneko - squealed in horror as her pink sequin skirt slid down, spectacularly exposing her derriere to the live audience as she walked into the Borehamwood mansion Oh no: The Ru Paul's Drag Race star screeched: 'I just lost my skirt, My skirt just fell off as I walked down the stairs, everyone saw my bum. ' as he grappled to preserve his modesty' Party season might be over but if you're hellbent on carrying on the festivities (us too!

) then you're going to need a stand-out pair of heels to do so.

' The dancing superstar praised the all-female theme of the show this year, declaring that females 'rule the roost'.

The ballet legend currently lives in London with his husband José Bergera and identifies as bisexual.Declaring that he is very much 'single' he hinted that he may get amorous in the house.'I'm definitely single - I don't have a woman in my life like that,' he drawled.'If I come in the house and make a connection it's going to be a great thing for me.I've got my own views, but I will listen to others.' Meanwhile, comedian Daniel - who fell from grace when he made a joke about an audience member at a stand-up gig 'gagging for a rape' - said the gag 'destroyed' his life.He explained: 'Dapper Laughs became very big very quickly. It destroyed everything I had worked for.' Oh dear!'The reality star also said he doesn't consider himself a celebrity so is going into the house to have fun, adding that it's 'free food and rent for a month'.


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