Deadly dating patterns

But the reality is that acting childish, or self riotousness, damages our own feelings of integrity.It can be a sad display of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.No woman is the mask you place on her before you get to know her.

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This does more than push women out of our lives before we even get to know them – it encourages and reinforces immature behaviors within our own minds.

Often, when we feel nervous about the possible rejection from a beautiful girl, we ll start acting slightly differently than we usually do. This might make you sound like the cheesy pickup-line guy, or possibly the arrogant business man who s always bragging about his work.

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Your fears and insecurities, driven by your ego, may sometimes compels you to resort to multiple “attraction tactics” in an attempt to avoid the imagined pain of rejection, with devastating consequences (such as a lack of dating opportunities or mate choice.) The root of this disease (unease) is your fear of rejection, or more accurately your fear of what that possible rejection might mean (about you.) Your ego, in an attempt at self preservation and possibly the enjoyment of emotional drama, will fill your head with the voice of reason which is meant to guide you from pain and suffering, but instead can completely sabotage your success: – If she doesn t like me that means I m a loser. – If she doesn t like me that means no girl like me. This leaves them to feel awkward in social situations that everyone else seems comfortable in.

– If she doesn t like me that means my friends will tease me. Except that “thinking” is slow and often ruins the spontaneity of a sincere interaction with a woman.

– If she doesn t like me that means it ll be awkward every time I see her at work. Sometimes thinking can’t compete with the speed of intuition and experience.

In one moment you feel compelled to talk to that cute little blonde who’s sitting alone, and the next second you’re wondering how it all went so horribly wrong. Let s see maybe she s the type who s really into tall guys let s see if she looks over here This scenario ends with the girl walking away before the dude get s out of his head long enough to engage her.

– If she doesn t like me that means others will laugh at me. I know many guys like this, who are simply too smart for their own good, and who simply believe they can think their way into her pants.

It manifests it s self so completely that we re almost completely blind to it.

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