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I've read elsewhere on this forum the negatives associated with braided gas lines and how they are prone to stuffing up regulators etc. Queensland Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate Safety Alert No.

29 15 December 2006 Two-Stage Gas Regulator Failure What happened?

However, similar effects have been found with regulators connected to copper pigtails.

Almost all regulators found to exhibit these failures are the smallest available (around 200 MJ/hr) Recommendations Use regulators of capacity at least 300MJ/hr.

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We’ve designed the perfect platform to start your search now!Key issues Experiments by LPG Australia and the Department of Mines and Energy SIMTARS laboratory have demonstrated that some residue can be formed when LPG liquid is deposited in flexible hoses.They have demonstrated that some hoses can produce unacceptable amounts of residue which can then affect regulator performance if allowed to drain into the regulator.Use copper pigtails for fixed installations and low-loss flexible hose for mobile applications such as caravans (check with your hose supplier).Mount regulators above the level of the cylinder valve.Removed the line from under regulator gas present, undid joint under stove, no gas. Reg is down low so crap in the line is a distinct possibilty I suppose.


  1. I think that most people on this list have sufficient skills and experience to qualify at most of these companies. Anyone may edit the list by clicking on "edit" at the bottom of the page. To do this, copy the first one or two words of the company line into the Add a New Page box to the left. You should also make the company name into a link using the "page link" button (above) as you edit.

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  4. Since the sea-level rise is not geographically homogeneous but rather shows great regional differences, optically simulated luminescence using quartz as a natural dosimeter has proved to be a powerful and reliable dating technique to determine depositional ages of young coastal sediments around the world.

  5. The following columns are displayed by default: When you click a configured search folder, the All Updates console tree node or a product console tree node and the synchronized software updates are displayed and the Configuration Manager console contains the following additional elements: Visible after a software update is highlighted and displays custom bundle information for the update.

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