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This book makes a pivotal shift from more standard ‘dating advice’ to outline a mindset and methodology to help men break free of doubt and take specific actions in order to enjoy lasting change in this important area of life.

Join the thousands of men I have coached in building a more empowered life from the insights shared in this guide to finding an amazing woman for a relationship.

You and she are naturally attracted to each other, by virtue of who you are.

Your work, therefore, is to become the most empowered version of that, present it via specific and elegant social skills, and then go for the women you truly, deeply desire.

to open your heart in spite of past disappointments, to set up a lifetime of love … Through the paperback version of my bestselling dating book, Love in 90 Days! could I really help someone to find love in just 90 days using my dating book? Over 13 consecutive weeks Fox viewers watched and ratings hit an all-time high.

Now here are more powerful dating tips & relationship advice covered in detail in this dating book Love in 90 Days. I have been married almost 2 weeks and I am really happy. Two things you wrote that worked for me in finding the One were: that he has to adore you and that he wants to grow. ”~ Anne, Therapist I’ve loaded the dating book Love in 90 Days with even more powerful dating tips & relationship advice.

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So that it all worked out even better than you ever imagined? It contains all of my secrets about dating, creating a relationship, finding the One and of course great lovemaking.Preparing for married life is more important than planning for your marriage day but how can one even tell if they ready to date?In this Ebook Seven Dating Readiness Prerequisites, you will discover just that!Around this core, I show you next how to build a lifestyle and social circle to support, enliven and balance you.I will then coach you on specific social skills and effective external techniques to use to demonstrate this reality and to attract women.This combination of core beliefs and practiced skills prove to be a resoundingly durable and natural solution to a man’s dating challenges.


  1. Online Dating can be a big step to make, particularly if you've come out of a past relationship due to difficult circumstances but if you're ready and willing to jump on board and find new people, Older Dating is for you.

  2. A video can tell a lot more than a series of photos, because it kind of present you "as you truly are". The best you can do to succeed is to make and upload your own videos.

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