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, and Ryan Mc Namara in the NY Harbor at The Honorable William Wall, Manhattan Yacht Club's floating clubhouse.

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Canada 1972) artworks and writings examine intersections of consciousness, mysticism, marginality, and alternate histories of abstraction.

He attended York University and the University of Toronto, majoring in psychology and film studies, graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1996.

archive ( and will inevitably trickle through other social media platforms and myriad digital devices.

In vastly different ways, the commissioned works will take inspiration from the unique challenges and opportunities of these networked digital contexts, examining the ways art and social media shape our interaction with the world, and vice versa.

Often invoking queer, hybridized characters such as the “Listening Cactus,” the “Maize Mantis,” or the figure of the Pied Piper.

scenarios cultivate play between things and bodies, compelling the audience to develop a “score” for handling these animated objects.

Posters can be submitted for, or against (or without) any particular stance for a candidate, or address an important political issue.

hopes to create a nation-wide dialog about the upcoming election and political climate in America by giving artists a platform to share their thoughts, not only on the candidates, but also the many important issues facing our country at this time. A jury of institutional leaders and artists from across the country will select their favorite posters, which will be shared with the presidential candidates, and might even have the distinction of being featured in their campaigns.

This year we are taking it up a notch with plenty of adult entertainment, something you won't want to miss! Drink specials all night with proceeds donated to our nonprofit organization.

Interested in hosting your office holiday party with mission of supporting experimental art and fostering dynamic social environments, we have invited a stimulating constellation of artists to produce new and adapted works for the island’s diverse public.

These programs will provide a constant activity that will engage the diversified friends and family of Fire Island.


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