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I could go further with his internal conversation, but you get the point.

Or he’ll even say something like: “I’ll bet your boyfriend likes that…” It’s an easy way to avoid the risk of asking you out and hearing you turn him down.

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Some guys are creepy because they smile like Brad Pitt but look nothing like him.

Some guys are creepy because they laugh like they’ve been living in a horror flick.

Shared eye contact is an instinctive way that people who are hot for each other share a love connection.

And it’s a drop dead simple way for you to know that you’ve got a man who’s interested in you.

Do you know a guy who thinks he’s a smooth dirty talker when he’s definitely not? If a braggart of a rich guy hits on you, and you don’t like him back, walk away from him before he starts wooing you and embarrassing you all the time. Unless you share his interests or are deeply in love with him already, end any relationships with crazy fetish guys who go overboard with their fetishes. Has a guy professed his undying love for you recently?

If a guy talks about your visible bra strap or how sexy your ass looks today even when you tell him off, he’s a creepy guy you need to avoid. Does he now spend all his time following you around town no matter where you are? They’re socially cuckoo and desperate for attention from young perky people.

Let’s start with the first signal that a guy might like you: Look, I don’t want to sound like an idiot here, but this one is a no brainer that most women overlook.

– What if she tells me she’s already got a boyfriend? There’s a he does decide to say something – there’s no guarantee he will even get to the point of asking you for your phone number or even a date.

There’s not much you can do to get him off your back because he just won’t believe you don’t love him back.


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