Girls looking for boys in chennai for dating

“Of course, some people come to the site for the wrong reasons, but if people are using the site properly there should not be an exchange for sex or money.” Threesome dating sites include Open Minded and Feeld Dating, which stress on connections with ‘like-minded’ people.

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’ The only eligible singles found, hailed from different parts of India and many are drawn to those owning a Green Card.

‘Safely get in touch with cheaters worldwide’ is part of the tag line for the extra-marital dating website and app, Gleeden.

“Gleeden is a platform that enables couples who are in a monotonous, less compatible or unhappy relationship, find love outside their relationship,” says Solene Paillet, Head of Communication Management, Gleeden.

To sweeten conventional forms of relationships in India, Seeking Arrangements (SA) connects wealthy older folk to younger people (above the age of 18).

With all these newfangled apps, the question that arises is, are unconventional relationships the new norm?

Dr Nulwala believes she sees monogamous couples on the decline.

She adds, “Fewer people want to be in a committed relationship and a large number of my clients, between 20 and 35, are doing a lot more of sexual experimentation as there is so much comfort in exploring sexuality.

This is also not based on any value system like love, fidelity and sex or emotional and intellectual compatibility and sex.” This may not be the last word on online dating, though most of us that have tried it are more often than never left wondering: ‘Where is the love?

Yet this approach, inclusive of an exaggerated ‘tool’ description, maybe what people seeking relationships are hit with when they sign up for ‘instant love’.

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