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With the 14 cards of Bembo the later Tarot-de-Marseille was nearly 2/3 ready (with differences in iconography, okay) - the missing 6 or 8 cards were a relatively unimportant addition, just filling free places. :-)The 'printing' comment I made comes from some research I read a while back on some of the manuscripts (made by hand) on Alchemical and astrological texts, in which, apparently, woodcuts were used for the reproduction of certain depictions - hence proper printing, though not of the printing press variety.

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Nonetheless, and as has been mentioned before, this does not mean that as a full-blown 78 card deck with the divisions and images we have more or less standardised come precisely from that time or region.

I see the earlier developments as important as the ones which arise in Northern Italy.

This is the kind of information one seeks at various times, and wonderful to add to as new material comes to light.

From this, it seems certainly to lead to the position that Trionfi cards, la Visconti-Sforza, have their date in the 1440s. Brera-Brambilla (before 1447): possibly only four 2.

In 1457, document 16, the note appears, that a Trionfi-deck has 70 cards. It means (probably), that decks with 4x14 22 didn't exist at that time - at least, there is no reason to assume that, any document is missing. This is the kind of information one seeks at various times, and wonderful to add to as new material comes to light.

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