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It lies on a twenty kilometers long peninsula with fantastic soft white beaches gleaming in the sunshine.

There are no Gay or Lesbian bars and clubs in Havana, years ago the last place was closed in a police action.

The gay people meet and cruise in front of the YARA cinema on La Rampa (the 23th street) or around the Coppelia across the street.

In the legendary Tropicana great artists have been presented.

Tropicana is located in Havana in the municipality of Marianao towards the west end. However, if you are looking for strip clubs or any adult video stores, forget it. Some travelers they have note that Havana girls are more beautiful from Brazilian girls.

Whether this is your first time attending a NAG LAN or you’re a veteran attendee, there are sure to be some questions you might have.

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She organizes the Aids prevention an acceptance programs for homosexuality.

Mariela Castro is the promotor of a project to allow transgendered people pass a sex change surgery without charge and she invited foreign top surgeons to educate the Cuban medical teams.

Havana offers many opportunities for a great night out, lots of bars with live music, and clubs that caters to all kind of tastes.

The social scene, starts to liven up by about 22.00 and clubs and bars tend to close when the last customer leaves.

: Two spots that absolutely cannot be missed outside Havana for clubbing, beautiful Havana girls and bar hopping the Cienfuegos and Trinidad.


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