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Suicide prevention is an often invisible struggle—the battle to prevent the headline, to nip the horror story in the bud…

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No one can truly and definitively stop someone from killing himself or herself if they are determined to do it, but we just might be able to do the reach out and be in this together.

Ultimately it is not about killing or not killing our ego-selves, it is about our relationships representing our fuller identity (relationships which are rather broken down at the collective level); the help is out there, let it in as an act of love for your kids, or for children you may never meet—they are the kids you once were, the kids who need to be understood and validated and respected… I have had clients realize that they didn’t really need to be in the locked ward of a psych hospital only after spending an afternoon being evaluated and checked into a psych hospital.

Keep a child who expresses self-harm ideation in sight, get them talking (i.e. more trouble than it’s worth if one is not in deep emotional pain). Another would be the family doctor or a therapist if you have a relationship in place with a counselor.

: If in doubt about a child’s safety you can call 911. As a parent, you do not have to know how to deal with suicidality on your own; you just need to reach out for appropriate help (which will further help you build your skills and abilities to not just keep kids alive, but help them heal from the feelings that would lead to self-destructive impulses in the first place).

I may be prone toward longish blog-posts, as I seek to give what support I can, however, the distillation is: when in doubt about your child’s risk for self harm, take it seriously and get help.

I am also aware that some readers who come across these words may be suicidal themselves.

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I always enjoy listening to music when Im feeling stressed.

In simpler words, it’s painful to think about kids wanting to hurt themselves, but if we can be conscious of it we might help avert it in some subtle degree.


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