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We also have seen organizations -- from the White House to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the -- launch tools intended to provide students and parents with nifty online tools that calculate some kind of "return on investment" to get after this elusive question of whether or not college is worth it.

I think those who question the worth of a college degree are nuts!

In fact, there are a lot of pros and cons to dating in college, and Her Campus is here to help you figure out if this is the best idea for you!

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Is the claim the college is making different from the claim made by other colleges?

Is the college's worth claim advantageous enough and valuable enough to me that I am willing to pay more or borrow to attend?

Students and families do not benefit from the question of whether or not college is worth it.

However, they will benefit greatly by looking for a clear, compelling worth claim from each college. " they should ask themselves, "is this college worth it to me?

It's easy to be distracted in an effort to defend the industry as a whole, and this results in too many colleges losing focus on defining and articulating why they are worth more than another college.

Colleges need to focus on helping students and parents understand their worth claim if they are to justify the tuition they charge.

While the example above is aimed at colleges who may be trying to develop an effective worth claim, there also are questions for students and parents to ask to help them assess genuine and real worth as they consider colleges.

These questions are: Do I see structures and systems in place that support a college's claim about why they are worth it? Would on-campus personnel recognize those systems and structures?

Relationships are like a job—a super awesome, fun job that includes watching vines about cute cats and going on dates, but still, a job.

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