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"The truth is that Dolly is physically a normal five-year-old sheep.

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Playing God: Severino Antinori (left) makes a point to Director of Clonaid Brigitte Boisselier (centre) while Panayiotis Michael Zavos watches a presentation during a panel discussion on human cloning at the National Academy of Science in Washington Five years later, and the "inevitable next step" has been announced: the cloning of people.

Last week, Dr Severino Antinori, an Italian gynaecologist, and Dr Panayiotis Zavos, an American "andrologist" who says he has his own laboratory, announced to an astonished and horrified world that they would start work on creating the first human clone "in the next 30 to 60 days".

Cloning is possible because of the strange and surprising fact that each cell in your body has the capacity to make every other cell: it contains a copy of the complete set of instructions needed to build everything in your body.

It used to be thought that once a cell had adopted a particular function - once it had become part of the liver, say, or the brain, or the lining of your stomach, or bones in your rib cage - it was impossible to "re-programme" it to build anything except copies of whatever type of cell (liver, brain, whatever) it had become.

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The only sheep that have life expectancies longer than six years are pets.

But as far as we can tell, Dolly is normal for her age.

She's been pregnant three times and produced six healthy lambs, so no problems there."What is Dolly doing now?

"She's in quarantine, actually, and has been since the foot and mouth outbreak.

Two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party and become neighborhood sensations.


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