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Father Brah suggests that for the next 24 hours he writes down all his sinful thoughts.

Rebecca's essay makes Josh look too pretentious for a laid-back store and they turn him down.

An outraged Rebecca yells at the manager till Josh is hired. Josh and Rebecca are at Cup of Boba flipping through a scrapbook from summer camp.

Rebecca invites Josh to her housewarming party and he uses his social media connections to get her a house full of guests.

Josh decides he doesn't want Valencia controlling his life anymore and will hang out with Rebecca, regardless of what she thinks. After returning from a short vacation with Valencia, Josh needs to find a job.

Father Brah tells him that sins are about your actions, not your thoughts.

As long as he didn't act on any of these sinful thoughts, he's a good person.

It's like people think, 'Oh Josh is such a nice guy, Josh is so happy-go-lucky! Among all of his friends, he's the only one who showed Rebecca any kindness when the secret behind why she really moved to West Covina was revealed.

Josh may not be the brightest person you'll meet, but he makes up for it with his kind personality.

The next day Josh apologizes to Rebecca for asking her to lie and they go out for dinner. Josh and his friend White Josh go to Rebecca's place to fix her garbage disposal.


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