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Call it social responsibility, but for us, it is a value we hold dear. From our member feedback and research, we have found that this is the minimum information that they required to help initially determine whether someone could be a good match for them.

Our Ummah has real problems when it comes to the youth finding partners. Information regarding ethnicity, age, religiousness and education/profession form the core of this.

LONDON – Technology is increasingly having an impact on the lives of people around the world. With many websites in various forms—along with a diverse range of in-person introduction services—competing with the traditional “marriage aunty," there is a new kid on the block.

Launched in 2015, muzmatch has taken the Muslim “halal dating” space by storm.

Though these become exponentially more difficult problems, we are under no illusion as to how important an element of manual oversight is. They were regarded as expensive, poor quality, and unproductive.

Our intent always has been to do things differently.

Having just secured a £1.5 million investment round, About met the CEO and Founder, Shahzad Younas, to get a glimpse of where they are going next. I first created a “muzmatch” website at the time – as I was shocked at how many Muslims struggled to find a partner, and how (in my eyes) awful the current offerings and services were for them.

Existing websites were old, awkward, expensive, and very poorly designed. I thought I could do a better job and launched muzmatch originally in 2011.The biggest challenge is always first building it and launching it, but thankfully now our only issues are that of scale – in that we are growing so quickly and have so many users that we are rapidly rebuilding aspects of our architecture in order to ensure our app is fast and responsive and well serves what is a demanding audience.Our second challenge undoubtedly has been to maintain our self-imposed standards in terms of quality, activity, and behavior on our platform.AI: Is there a cool story about how you came up with the name muzmatch?The name almost started as a joke with my colleagues at work – muzmatch for Muslims, Seek Sikh for Sikhs, IDo Hindu for Hindus…and the name stuck with me as catchy and cool – and explains in a nutshell what it is!Previously, parents would take full “ownership” of finding a spouse for their children, and often marriages would take place as long as that was the wish of the parents only.


  1. This means you can interact with the couples to create a live sex show tailored to your sexual preferences.

  2. We work tirelessly to ensure our members have a safe, fun and relaxed environment in which to meet each other and find love.

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