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To and From the center, you can take Bus #34 for 50KSH to the international airport from the Ambassador Hotel.

The city is also accessible by train from Mombasa, with two departures daily in each direction.

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The railways are the largest single industrial employer.

Light-manufacturing industries produce beverages, cigarettes, and processed food. The city is located near eastern Africa’s agricultural heartland, and a number of primary products are routed through Nairobi before being exported via Mombasa.

From about 1900 onward, when a small Indian bazaar was established at Nairobi, the city was also a trading centre.

As a governmental centre, Nairobi subsequently attracted a stream of migrants from rural Kenya that made it one of the largest cities in tropical Africa.

Currently, this costs US$50 for a single-entry visa and $100 for a multiple-entry visa (Euros, British Pounds and Swiss Francs are accepted as well).

However, some countries require a visa before arrival, and some don't require one at all. If you are only traveling through the country via a connecting flight and will not leave the secure area of the airport you will not need a visa.

Also, Nairobi has an East Indian community from those who are the descendents of original colonial railway laborers and merchants.

Citizens from most countries will have to obtain a visa upon arrival.

The yellow fever vaccination is no longer required if you're coming from EU, Asia or North America.

However, a vaccination certificate might be required if you're coming from a country where yellow flu is endemic.

Among the city’s architectural landmarks are the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, the Parliament Building and city hall, the law courts, the Roman Catholic cathedral, and the Jamia Mosque. Nairobi is home to several educational institutions, including the University of Nairobi (founded in 1956 as the Royal Technical College of East Africa), Kenyatta University College (founded in 1972 as a constituent part of the University of Nairobi), Kenya Polytechnic University College (1961), and Kenya Institute of Administration (1961).

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