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Rayna makes a decision on whom to marry; Luke or Deacon.

While auditioning to play the role of Patsy Cline for a movie, Juliette lets her emotions of her break-up show through.

Gunnar runs into his first love, a girl named, Kiley and Deacon finds comfort with Luke's backup singer, Pam.

Layla goes to Jeff blackmailing him into making her next album go gold, if not she will out Will.

Juliette receives shocking news and Layla processes Will's confession about being gay.

After getting the news that her album has been bumped from the #1 spot on the charts, Rayna tries to figure out how to make sure that her album does well in today's music.

As Scarlett prepares to leave for Mississippi, Avery stops by saying that he wants to go with her.

Gunnar surprises them in the car, trying to convince Scarlett to stay but she rides off with him anyway.Country singer Sara Evans joined the cast as a fictionalized version of herself.She had guest starring role in the episode dated October 29, 2014 and set to possible recurring return later with major story arc.With Rayna and Luke both having busy schedules, they have to figure out when it's best to get married.Juliette struggles with morning sickness and has to keep excusing herself during tour rehearsals.By creating a free profile on our website, you get an access to thousands of people that are interested in communication.


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