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eta: from wiki He met his first wife, Melanie Rockall, when he was 21.

They married in 1979, but five years later they parted when she discovered he was having an affair with his manager's secretary, Gill Bennett.

At the time, Valerie was working for marketing company IMG.

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"I love Tiger because I think that he stands for everything that a golfer should aspire to achieve. The way he lives his life he is the perfect role model. Amateur career: Aged six won his first event - an under-14s tournament at North Berwick.

He has so much fun, he's so laid- back, nothing bothers him.

If good things are promised for British and European golf over the next decade or so, have no doubt that Dougherty intends to be at the forefront. Professional career: Turned pro in 2001 (handicap plus four). Runner-up in the 2002 Qatar Masters and the 2003 Scandinavian Masters.

His latest role models are right at the top of the game, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els. Nothing comes in front of him and his family." Biography Nick Dougherty Born: , Liverpool. Earned his maiden Tour victory at the 2005 Caltex Masters in Singapore.

I have been fortunate enough to spend a little bit of time in his company recently and I envy how relaxed he is. I have never heard a derogatory comment about Ernie Els.

Career Highlights 2017 Season Continued working a busy broadcast schedule for CBS Sports and Golf Channel, but did play in seven events during the year, the most starts he's had in a season since turning 50.

"I have got very different goals from this time last year. I know I can beat the best players on any given day but if it doesn't happen, then I am still learning. I appreciate when I should be working hard, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of that, and also when to relax.

Then I wanted to let the swing changes settle in and keep my card. This year, as high as my aspirations are, I have started to achieve them. I was very fortunate, the win might not have come for another six months, but it was like someone up there said, 'Let him see it is the right choice'." Dougherty is younger than some of his countrymen who have already reached Ryder Cup status, but ahead of the latest batch of talented amateurs who have just turned professional. Member of the victorious 2001 Walker Cup team at Sea Island.

"The best night out I have had in my life was the Sunday in Singapore," he said.

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