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Call 0704808705 Single mother, 36, HIV , wants a man, 40-50, for marriage.

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[email protected] egant lady is searching for a white man for love.

[email protected] lady, 40, is looking for a Born-again man, 42-49, for [email protected] LY-STA BLE Musl im man is wanted for marriage.

[email protected], 24, is searching for God-fearing, loving man.

shantechloe @Muslim lady, 26, is seeking a Muslim man.

[email protected] Men looking for women RONA LD, 22, seeks a beautiful lady from Denmark, Sweden or Scotland.

[email protected] is searching for an intell igent lady for love.

[email protected] from South Sudan, 25, seeks a Ugandan lady, 19-22, for marriage.

[email protected], an accountant, 30, is looking for a financially-stable lady for marriage.

Latifah, 24, living in Kireka, wants a man, 35-45, for marriage.

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