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Even though I deleted - DELETED - my account in May, they have recently been contacting me with an offer to reveal who is looking at my profile. They claim as I didnt tick a box it automatically renews.I have now a closed profile which I have paid for and do not wish to use. They also have many other name sites on the web but are all part of the Venntro Media group.

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It looked like the very one for me as I was looking for a more mature companion/partner.

You can sign up for free, just as the advert said, but then it costs to retrieve messages.

Though stating that she was of German extraction she had a decidedly Philippine accent.

It ended abruptly when I questioned her manner of speech and the language used in her emails.

Do not feel rushed or pressured into meeting or chatting elsewhere soon or later these scum move on to seek out an easier target they are cunning and they know how to manipulate the heart and mind of a more vulnerable person. There is no phone number to call to speak to a person.

Preying on people's emotions and profiteering from untruths.Planting apparently good matches that suddenly have deactivated their accounts.Unconscionable I have written more than twenty words September 5th 2017 Update: But wait - there's more. At end of three months I was charged for a further 3 months which I didn't authorise.I strongly recommend staying away from this site; from the couple of weeks I have been on there are plenty of fake profiles all following the same pattern of personal details missing look like rush jobs just to give the impression that the site is active and is attracting people.It is a prime hunting ground for male and female scammers and/or predators preying on the lonely and vulnerable.At the bottom of the account it allegedly showed who was online or had come online, but this appeared to be false flags, it just creates the impression that there is alot active users but the tally did not match what showed after a search.


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  2. St Aldates · Oxford City The historic street of St Aldate’s leads south from the epicentre that is Carfax.

  3. King said that she was aware from the outset that the agency might attract sexual predators and deviants, so she screens applications and messages.

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