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Dress us up and command that we suck cock -- well, it's really no command at all. we'll cream our panties every time and then relish the punishment and do it again. Insist that we not squirt, and we will try, but then we are pathetic little submissive cumsluts . Prissy knows what makes us tick, and she captures it perfectly. And who among us wouldn't just luv to have such cute little sissy play friends, and a mummy to make sure we play nicely together? I'd like for Mistress to test me, but since I have no balls, only a dripping wet little clit, I'm afraid to ask. Have you experienced the sheer delight of a silky smooth sissy embrace, rubbing your little clitties together, stockings on stockings?

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Our panties are so wet with precum, they look like we've already creamed.

Allow us to touch our little sissy sticks, and there will definitely be a mess to clean up -- one we, of course, so love to tend to.

I certainly cannot speak for all sissies, but I do know that many of you share my need to be dominated, even humiliated.

Now I for one was not always like that, but some deep seated need was definitely released, starting the day I first pulled a pair of panties up over my adolescent cock.

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But that night, caught in panties, stockings and heels, made up like only a sissy slut would be . Needless to say, I was not allowed in our bed that night. I just pulled my babydolls down, as if they'd offer much cover or warmth, and curled up into a submissive little ball of sissified satin and lace.

Sami refused to let me change clothes, and commanded that I sleep on the floor, at the foot of the bed, "as was fitting for such a cum sucking sissy fag . It is about my complete and willful submission that I want to write today.

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Sorry, I know I told you all that this blog was to tell you the story of how I got where I am today.

I mean, what could be more true about a fucking little sissy bitch (like me) than the way our little clitties are always leaking.

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