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RUSSEL WILLIAM, UKTI Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) GENERAL JOHN FRANCIS CAMPBELL, Vice Chief of Staff of the Army (! FAROUK AL-BASHAR - from an old oil business family MR. Date: October 10, 2012 Reply-To: [email protected] day friend, I apologize to encroach into your privacy in this manner, I got your contact from a directory on the internet here in Baghdad Iraq.

MUSTAPHA, Aide to Education Minister GENERAL DON POWELL, British Army KHALID A MISSIONARY CAPT. MIKE DONNELLY, US National Guard MRS KAN KHAN, widow of Iraqi general HAYAT SHIBBETH, widow of Abdul Rahman Ashraf MADAM AWATIF AL-KAMIL, "bassed in bagdad" HAMEED MAHAMAD SGT. LEGAET JOZEF CARLOS, Belgian-Senegalese money launderer MARK SCOTT, "working in Iraq with American troop" LARRY MILLAR, "American Civilan Contractor" AMY SWANN, 1st Armored Division (aka DELANE WILLIAMS) SGT. I will await your thoughts via my personal email address:[email protected] for your time, Best Regards, Captain Jon Hutcins TOP Subject: Re: URGENT AND IMPORTANT !

In his book, When Healing Becomes a Crime, Kenny Ausubel notes that in a trial on a chemotherapy drug tested for leukemia, a whopping 42% of the patients died directly from the toxicity of the chemotherapy drug! In 1942, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center quietly began to treat breast cancer with these mustard gas derivatives. Chemotherapy trials were also conducted at Yale around 1943 where 160 patients were treated. Glenn Warner, who died in 2000, was one of the most highly qualified cancer specialists in the United States.

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Allen Levin says about this topic: “Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy.

As a matter of fact, the chemotherapy drug 5FU is sometimes referred to by doctors as “5 feet under” because of its deadly side effects.

ABDULWAB EL-SALAMI, advisor to dead gold merchant SGT. I can only state that the essence of this message is strictly mutual.

I cannot predict your reaction, you may misconstrue the importance and decide to go public, which will be rather unfortunate.

ZAINAB MUHAMADU FUSEINI, Iraq refugee in Thailand PETER WONG, banker to MAJOR BASEM CAPTAIN GEORGE PETERSON (also writes in Spanish) SGT. I must confess that I am very uncomfortable sending this message to you by such means but I am rather constrained because of time.

digesting the information contained in the website I will like a confirmation of that so that we can discuss the matter of mutual interest.

It’s there to undermine our goals: “Who do you think you are? ” It’s there to undercut our accomplishments: “This won’t end well.

Sooner or later you’re going to mess up.” It’s there to sabotage our relationships: “She doesn’t really love you.

And how can we push past them to live a life free of the harsh attitudes of our inner critic? Robert and Lisa Firestone found that the most common self-critical thought among a diverse population of subjects tested is “You are different from other people.” Most people see themselves as different, not in some positive or special way, but in a negative sense.

The anti-self is expressed in our “critical inner voice.” The critical inner voice is like an internal coach negatively commentating on our lives, influencing how we behave and how we feel about ourselves.

As a first step, I will like you to visit the BBC website links below to enable you have an insight into what I intend to share with you.


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  2. (As you were doing) Give her instructions on what you want to see her do. And every now and then ask her how she is feeling/ if she is turned on/ enjoying it. The thing is i have a camera on my laptop but he doesn't.

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