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The point of Oz, with its depiction of guilty men in torturous circumstances, is never subtle, but it is complicated and strong." Howard Rosenberg of the Los Angeles Times reported: "Its unique and arresting style don't earn endorsements here...there's no light at the end of the tunnel, or a tunnel- that offer central characters to root or pull for [sic] …

"Oz" is the nickname for the Oswald State Correctional Facility, formerly Oswald State Penitentiary, a fictional level 4 maximum-security state prison.

The nickname "Oz" is also a reference to the classic film The Wizard of Oz (1939), which popularized the phrase "There's no place like home." In contrast, a poster for the series uses the tagline: "It's no place like home".

In contrast to the dangerous criminals, character Tobias Beecher gives a look at a usually law-abiding man who made one fatal drunk-driving mistake. Oz took advantage of the freedoms of premium cable to show elements of coarse language, drug use, violence, frontal nudity, homosexuality, and male rape, as well as ethnic and religious conflicts that would have been unacceptable to traditional advertiser-supported American broadcast television.

The ensemble cast includes Lee Tergesen, Christopher Meloni, Ernie Hudson, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Harold Perrineau Jr., Eamonn Walker, Rita Moreno, Terry Kinney, Betty Buckley, Kathryn Erbe, B. In Australia, Oz was screened uncensored on the free-to-air channel, SBS.

Some fight for power – either over the drug trade or over other inmate factions and individuals.

Others, corrections officers and inmates alike, simply want to survive, some long enough to make parole and others just to see the next day.In Turkey, Oz was aired on Cine5; Dizi Max also aired the re-runs.On April 21, 2009, Variety announced that starting May 31, Direc TV will broadcast all 56 episodes in their original form without commercials and in up-scaled "high definition" on The 101 Network available to all subscribers.Moreover, most of the series' story arcs are set in "Emerald City", a setting from the fictional Land of Oz in L.Frank Baum's Oz books, first described in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900).There are many groups of inmates throughout the show, and not everyone within each group survives the show's events. Mason Adams, Bill Boggs, Didi Conn, Peter Criss, Jonathan Demme, Charles S.


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