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Cmos Pwd decrypts the password stored in the CMOS and displays it. Bios is a tool that was developed for a brute force attack on BIOS passwords.

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The encrypted data that packet analyzers gather is pretty useless without an encryption key.

While it is possible for crackers to obtain the key, encryption makes the process a lot longer (and sometimes nearly impossible). While this is the simplest way to avoid data theft, in the long run, it can also be the most tedious.

Basically, it creates an encrypted virtual network connection from your computer to your server.

Pretend you connect to your VPN from a public network.

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When Windows doesn’t boot properly and you cannot get into the BIOS to change the boot order, you could be lucky enough that booting to CD or USB might already be set at a higher priority than booting to Windows and simply inserting a CD or flash drive will boot to it automatically.

It’s a very old tool dating back to the late 90’s so is unlikely to work effectively on more recent computers. Bios is also included in the Dos Programs menu of Hirens Boot CD.

Last week on the freeware review, I wrote about the simplicity of packet sniffing and analyzing with Ethereal.

As I previously explained, packet analysis passively listens into a network and then extracts the important data, which is usually in plaintext.

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