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Rushdoony was frequently called as an expert witness by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) in court cases.

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The Moores presented evidence that childhood problems such as juvenile delinquency, nearsightedness, increased enrollment of students in special education classes and behavioral problems were the result of increasingly earlier enrollment of students.

The Moores cited studies demonstrating that orphans who were given surrogate mothers were measurably more intelligent, with superior long-term effects – even though the mothers were "mentally retarded teenagers" – and that illiterate tribal mothers in Africa produced children who were socially and emotionally more advanced than typical western children, "by western standards of measurement".

I think that the home is the proper base for the exploration of the world which we call learning or education.

Home would be the best base no matter how good the schools were." One common theme in the homeschool philosophies of both Holt and that of the Moores is that home education should not attempt to bring the school construct into the home, or a view of education as an academic preliminary to life.

Parents were supported by extended relatives and tribal leaders in the education of their children.

The Native Americans vigorously resisted compulsory education in the United States.

During this time, American educational professionals Raymond and Dorothy Moore began to research the academic validity of the rapidly growing Early Childhood Education movement.

This research included independent studies by other researchers and a review of over 8,000 studies bearing on early childhood education and the physical and mental development of children.

According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, about three percent of all children in the US were homeschooled in 2011-2012 school year.

The study found that 83 percent were White, 5 percent were Black, 7 percent were Hispanic, and 2 percent were Asian or Pacific Islander.

Homeschool students have been accepted into many Ivy League universities.


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