dating service for elderly people - Rashida jones dating john krasinski

Rashida Jones, an American actress, who is widely known for playing in comedy series, is mistaken by as a married woman.

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Although Rashida seems to hate marriage, she doesn’t hate ‘guys’ that much.

It’s true that she hasn’t been married yet but at the same time, she has dated over a dozen guys in her life. The first guy Rashida dated was an American Actor Jeremy Renner.

Rashida declined to do so because she is all class.

Wow, that does sound a little kiss-ass-ish doesn't it?

They dated for a couple of months way back before the year 1997.

Rashida Jones with her first boyfriend Jeremy Renner, Source: WDW After she broke up with this actor, she then started dating another famous American actor, Tobey Maguire for three years from 1997 to 2000.

I know they asked the question in hopes that she would throw John under a bus.

At least I hope that is why they asked it and not because the reporter couldn't come up with anything else. Add to this the fact she is dating a guy right now and it becomes even more awkward.

There are many people all over the world trying to know who Rashida’s husband is.

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