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shifted over to center and right field, respectively.

While he returned to the contest and even took another at-bat in the bottom of the second, Betts was eventually replaced in the game prior to the top of the fourth.

Blake Swihart entered the game in left field, while Benintendi and Jackie Bradley Jr.

A red herring is a good red herring when it interweaves itself into the story's events. The supertrope to Red Herring Shirt, Red Herring Mole and Red Herring Twist.

For example, the murder victim may have been a philanderer. This trope is often coupled with Never the Obvious Suspect, where the obvious suspect is used as a red herring, and the real culprit turns out to be someone unexpected.

Sanchez later belted a two-run homer, giving the Yankees an 8-1 lead.

"The chief difference between the exceptionally knotty problem facing the detective of fiction and that facing the real detective is that in the former there is usually a paucity of clues, and in the latter altogether too many."A clue that leads in the wrong direction. Philandering as a motive is introduced for good cause, not just to set up suspicions about the wife's lack of an alibi.He had hit safely in 10 of his last 11 games, and 48 of his last 52 tilts dating back to last season.BOSTON - Yes, it seems, the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is back. One can only dream of what the rest of the season, and possibly October, will entail. Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly drilled Austin in the back with a 97 mph fastball.Price has now given up 10 runs (and three homers) over his last 14 innings pitched against New York dating back to last season.Hanley Ramirez answered in the bottom of the inning, pounding a screaming solo homer into the "National" Car Rental sign above the Green Monster off Yankees starter Masahiro Tanaka.The two toppled to the ground, Kelly snuck a few punches in at the back of Austin's head, and a fight was on, spilling over toward the first base line. Martinez jacked a grand slam, Boston's second in as many games, breathing life into a possible comeback and cutting the Yankees deficit to two.


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