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” He looked down at his forearm “With legal guardian consent, yes” I rolled my eyes “Danny brought it, he keeps it here cause it’s his good stuff and he knows I only drink it when-“ I stopped “When?

” “He knows I won’t drink it” I grabbed the empty plate and ran the water from the tap “Turn the radio on?

MACKAY teens braved the summer afternoon heat outside the MECC yesterday in the hope of securing the best place to watch 2011 X-Factor winner Reece Mastin perform.

” I heard him shuffle and suddenly music filled the room “ “This good?

” asked Reece “Yeah, perfect” I rinsed the plate and mopped at the grease of the pizza with the sponge before rinsing it again and putting it in the dish wrack I flicked the water off and wiped my hands on the tea towel “Tired?

" I screamed at him He looked at me with those eyes and I knew I'd made a mistake, I admit, he was annoying but I didn't want him to leave, the funny thing was, he had no intention on leaving anyway** Quinn Kali's li...

I climbed the last flight of stairs and fiddle with my keys as Reece came up behind me in a huff “How do you do that so easily?

"He never usually gets the chance to reach these regional fans," his management said.

"He had done tours in capital cities but he really wanted to come here.

Add the fact Fish split from her actor boyfriend Lincoln Lewis days later, and that Mastin is reportedly single. Cheeky 17-year-old singer Mastin denies their "chemistry on camera" led to Fish splitting with her boyfriend of more than two years and yesterday said they aren't dating.

Yet."I love Lincoln, I actually met him at the ARIAs," he said."I don't think I had anything to do with that, I hope I didn't have anything to do with that. we'll find out."As for the video scenes, Mastin said the kissing was "awkward" - not least because they were immersed in bitterly cold water.

But he enjoyed the practise."It was really awkward but it looks awesome on camera, I think," he said.

I moved to Mackay in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

"This performance sold out as many others have too." He rehearsed Freakshow and Shout It Out in the convention space, as well as his other songs.

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