Rio girls dating

The full service staff at Rio is as diverse as it is plentiful. There’s also a large number of busty women here, both of the natural and the artificially upgraded variety.

On my last visit there were Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese women available. Once you pick your woman you will head back to the full service rooms.

When you enter the Rio you simply head to the elevators and press the button for the fifth floor.

Rio Spa is without a doubt one of the nicest saunas in the Special Administrative Region of Macau.

Personally, I’d much prefer it if every place I visited was completely empty. Of course I realize that this is the direct opposite of what the businesses want. In either case there are lots of services available and plenty of people to render them.

I’m usually happy with something somewhere in the middle and I believe it would actually help business too. Most of the hands-on attendants are Indonesian or Vietnamese.

This is followed by another shower, with your girl washing you up and drying you off a final time before showing you back to the lounge.

To give you an idea of the prices at Rio I can tell you that a sauna session including two dick and ball massages, two foot massages, two head and should massages and a round of full service fun with a Chinese gal will come out to be about 3650 Hong Kong Dollars, which is the equivalent of 0 US dollars. If you get into ad-ons like the private lounge room and milk baths it’s going to be even more than that.

I remember visiting once on a Tuesday night at around 10 pm and the place was almost full.

I had a Japanese guy seated directly to my left and a Chinese guy sleeping and snoring directly to my right.

A full room can really cut into the “executive imagine” I referred to earlier. Like the other saunas, these attendants were special colored outfits to indicate their work.

The light green outfits are worn by the women who do foot massages.

The light pink outfits are worn by the women who do other massages.


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