Sex chatting roleplay on yahoo

If this does not appeal then PLEASE DO NOT READ IT.

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Nor is it my intention to offend any particular group, preference or orientation with what I have written.

It is simply my first attempt at writing a BDSM story in which I have tried to give full rein to the darker corners of my own sexuality and I have to admit to a degree of shock and surprise at the result.

However, as I said, it is fiction and hopefully some of you, like me will find it darkly erotic.

Please only read it if you think that will be the case.

I hope the result is erotic in its own grim way for others and would be very interested in any (constructive) thoughts or criticism. -Honorius Update (2014/10/17): Welcome to the second part of "the Lifestyle Farmer" in which we follow the further adventures of Jake as he is introduced to more aspects of the world of slave-ownership.

If you want to follow what is going on fully, you'd best read the first start of the story.

Author's Note: Before you read this story you should understand that it is a work of fiction and total fantasy.

Its main themes are of non-consensuality and human degradation of an uncompromising sort.

Things went from there as I experimented more and more; visiting clubs, meeting people and playing kinky games.

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