chabad dating - Sophomore dating freshman college

To be clear – and you can probably tell this from the size of your scroll bar – this post is ginormous.

If something’s going on, it’s your job to stop it or report it. in fact, he wasn’t even good enough for the minor leagues. He probably also played baseball, football, cops and robbers, tag, and fried ants with his magnifying glass.

There will be nights where you’re required to stay in your hall and walk the halls periodically. Can you take care of a community, be a resource, and provide support to students that need it? Basketball had become so much of who he was that he wasn’t wired to be good at other sports. As a result, he never became insanely good at any of those things; he was just “Ok”.

” And so, with the bravado of a baby bird taking his first jump out of the nest, I went looking for leadership opportunities.

I joined multiple committees, became the webmaster for the school’s business council, and started volunteering 10-15 hours a week for the sound team at a church. My time was always taken up by All the time I wanted to be spending with friends was already dedicated to meetings, projects, work, or other previously scheduled things.

I was thinking like Machiavelli, adopting an “ends justify the means” mindset – except, I didn’t have a particular end in mind. In a way, the ends do justify the means when it comes to how you spend your time in college – but you need to clearly define the ends and make sure that they’re what you want.

Don’t blindly take the advice of advisors and recruiters and simply do things because they “look impressive”.

Due to this, you can usually skim or altogether skip a good amount of your assigned reading as long as you’re paying good attention during class and taking effective notes.

I’d recommend doing reading assignments when the semester begins, and then gauging their usefulness by comparing what you read to what’s presented in class and what ends up on the first test.

There are several apps out there that make this process easier: Being a Resident Assistant, or RA, is one of the best ways to get yourself through school on the cheap.

RA positions typically include a free room and meal plan, so getting one basically cuts your college expenses in half.

In short, textbook reading can often be a pretty big waste of time.


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