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From a chronological point of view, it appears impossible that she was la mre d Aim (Oumm-Aim): it is suggested that this text refers to her own change of name after marriage, which appears corroborated by the next source[daughter .

Her family connection and marriage are confirmed by Ibn-el Kouthya who records that the Berbers appointed "Ayyoub, fils de Habib le Lakhmy, neveu de Moua" as their commander, because "sa mre tait une sur de l'illustre gnral" .

The Tarikh Iftitah al-Andalus (History of the Conquest of al-Andalus) by Ibn al-Qutiya (a descendant of King Witiza.

Most of the 10th century compilations, including the 10th century Ahmad bin Musa al-Razi and the mid-11th century Ibn Hayyan, are lost but their material was incorporated into the anonymous Fath al-Andalus ([1100]) and Ibn Idharis Bayan al-Maghrib ([1300])Ibn Idharis Al-Bayan Al-Moghrib is dated to after [1306].

However, it incorporates fragments of earlier works which have since disappeared, including a chronicle written by Arib ben Sad in Crdoba in the 10th century The lateness of all these sources has resulted in considerable debate about their reliability.

The vivid narrative of the early Arabic sources suggests that entertaining readers with interesting stories was more important to their authors than reflecting historical fact.

The following represents an outline of the genealogies of the Muslim rulers of Spain, on which much work remains to be done.

These families are of interest not only because of their significance in the history of the Iberian peninsula over many centuries, but also because of their family relationships with the Caliphs of Baghdad and with the Christian rulers of northern Spain.

The rulers of Muslim Spain (normally referred to today as "al-Andalus") during the first forty years after the conquest, governors appointed by the viceroys of Ifrikiyah based at Kairouan in present-day Tunisia and under the suzerainty of the Ummayad caliphs at Damascus, are set out in Chapter 1 of the present document.

As will be seen below, this period was marked by a succession of appointments, with each governor (wali) rarely governing for more than a couple of years and with no single family of governors establishing any dynastic continuity.

The southern Taifa kings sought help from the Almoravid dynasty, Berbers who had originated from the Senegal and Niger river basins and had established themselves as rulers in Morocco in the mid-11th century.

The Almoravids assumed control of al-Andalus with relative ease and ruled in Spain between 10 (Chapter 7).

His third version indicates that Tarif entered Spain in 709, and the fourth that Tarik entered in 709 [changing the date in a later passage to 28 Oct 710] and was followed by Mousa in 710.


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