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’I usually follow the Constance Spry recipe, substituting preserving sugar (without extra pectin) for loaf sugar, and instead of bitter almonds I use strips of lemon peel, a few cloves, a stick of cinnamon and some star anise.

I am so blessed to be creating beautiful monumental memories with such a wonderful man!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have finally made it official, announcing their engagement and plans to marry next May.

Rumour initially had it that the pair had met in May 2016, in Toronto, while Harry was in Toronto promoting the Invictus Games, though since then, we learned that they actually met through a mutual friend while Markle was visiting the U. According to a story in breaks the news that Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., has been arrested for allegedly holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head during a “drunken argument.” Even by royal-scandal standards, this is a doozy.

Next up: Markle’s half sister, Rachel Grant, announces plans for her future memoir, titled .

This first public appearance would have been exciting enough even without the photos of a post-game peck.

Two weeks later, Markle is a no-show at Pippa Middleton’s wedding, possibly due to a much-discussed “no ring, no bring” policy, which requires a marriage (or at least an engagement) to justify a plus one.

But last weekend the hedges were already heavy with cloudy, deep-blue berries.

The smaller, sourer sisters of damson plums, sloes are the most feral of hedgerow fruit. Foraging cooks suggest apple-and-sloe jelly, steamed sloe pudding, or even preserving them in brine like the Japanese do with plums.

Sloe berries are not usually ready for picking until later in the year, but the fine summer and ample rainfall of the past few weeks has encouraged the berries to ripen early.

They are often used in gin, jelly and puddings In my home patch of the Ashford valley in East Kent, partridge and pigeon feast on fallen grains in the fields.

On the shady edges of the fields where horses and cattle graze, mushrooms gleam like fat pearls.

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