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Even with other significant aspects of life, including business and social duties, Syrians put family above everything else.

The family background of an individual is the main reason for their reputation and social status.

Syrian dating customs

While the family background of a woman is still significant, tracing descent is usually more common among men.

After all, since men tend to have more authority and power in this society, it is wise for a woman to marry a man with an honorable family background in order to keep the family proud.

Furthermore, a great amount of honor and respect is placed on the family.

Syrians believe that there is no loyalty as great as the loyalty found among family members, and it is not likely for a Syrian to put as much loyalty into any other aspect of his life.

Because Syrians depend on their families to such an extent, interrupting or upsetting family life would be foolish with devastating effects on its members.

Furthermore, the attention to the family is especially recognizable in regards to the demanding expectations for the marriage of kin.Ethnically, the country is comprised of an Arab majority with a large number of Kurds as a second ethnic group.Other groups include Armenians, Turkmen, and Assyrians.However, after partition in the First World War and independence in 1946, the country was confined to its present boundaries.This essay deals with immigrants from Greater Syria and the modern state of Syria.In fact, “There is widespread conviction that the only reliable people are one's kinsmen” (1).


  1. While traditional courtship had its own set of rules and rituals, dating, as it evolved, became less structured.

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